Founded in 2007, I Mau Mau productionz  is dedicated to providing our family, friends, fans,  and business partners the very best in Roots and Culture music and Livity.

Icientcy Mau and the Mau Mau Warriors is the first band to be released on IMMP with two studio albums: WHEN WORDS COME TO LIFE (released 2010) and ACOUSTIC BINGHI (released 2021).

Hailing from Trench Town Jamaica, they possess the spirit that is missing from today’s Reggae music. Our goal is to create the next great Reggae era with the release of their third studio album entitled STILL IN CHAINS in 2022.

I Mau Mau Productionz is also focused on developing up and coming artistes and musicians by providing the following services; music production, project coordination as well as artiste development, artiste management, content creation, and branding.

I  Mau Enterprise includes: merchandising the Mau Mau Upfull product line,  Mau Mau Tours, Mau Mau AirBnB, the Trench Town Rock Musical Festival, and the Mau Mau Global Care and Share non- profit organization.

I Mau Mau Productionz website is a global marketplace and growing  platform for others to sell their goods and services.